Our Approach

Our Approach

It is proven that the 12 Step Programme stemming from the AA & NA is an effective tool for empowering those on the road to recovery in discovering how their lives have been shaped by the relationships they have experienced. How their perceptions, cognition and emotions associated to their life experiences have shaped their behaviours, attitudes and belief systems. From our experience and the knowledge handed down to each counsellor, mentor and staff member. We have come to understand that the behaviours and belief systems underlying residents behaviours are deeply entrenched; requiring at first emotional nurturance and healing, then cognitive restructuring resulting in new behaviours and life attitudes. We believe change is not witnessed in your talk – rather change is seen in how you walk out your talk. Success is viewed via transformation in new values and thought processes which must be reflected within the social interaction within Anchor Ranch’s community life. Based on this philosophy – there is no quick fix – rather the required transformation of emotional character is only possible if each resident commits to a minimum period of 6 months and is willing to stay in active recovery for one full year. We require that a resident must complete a minimum of Step 7 before leaving the program
Our 12 Step programme is faith based and Christ centred. Each staff member has successfully completed each step within this programme and Anchor Ranch healing choices can testify how their lives have been transformed through applying not only the teachings found within the Bible but by internalising the moral values and principles taught within the Word of God. We believe that by applying the Truth, teachings and principles of our faith into our lives, daily choices and all our relationships has resulted in emotional maturity, moral integrity, authority over our choices, positive self esteem and a deep respect for those we come into contact on a daily basis- i.e. Life Transformation – undergirded by a new set of values, beliefs & a deep conviction of that our lives have a meaning, purpose and a hope for the future.
We believe that each individuals choice and free will is to be respected and our beliefs will not be used to indoctrinate those in our care. Faith and spiritual growth is a deeply personal matter and when required we will respect each individuals choice by focusing all counselling on the principles within the 12 step programme.

Our lives have a meaning, purpose and a hope for the future.

Client testimonials

The support even I as the affected person received from the people of Anchor has often exceeded all expectations. - SUE

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For many years I was self-centred and a egotistic brat that truly believed the world and everyone on it owed me something. Everything I did had a motive behind it and to me life was just one big fight; seeing how I can do people in, in order to get what I wanted.