Anchor Recovery Ranch

At Anchor Ranch we commit ourselves to journey with those in our care who have come to realize they are powerless over their addiction and are ready and willing to seek help. Our mission is to create a safe nurturing environment designed to empower each individual to break free and shift their lives from one in addiction and their associated destructive behaviours – to one of PURPOSE, MEANING and FREEDOM.

Our programme has two core components; a 12 Step faith based programme; alongside a Social Empowerment focused on educating each individual in our care in developing the necessary life skills required to overcome life’s challenges. Our approach identifies a holistic approach to ensure each aspect of every individual is addressed; these being emotionally, cognitive, morally/spiritual and physically. Once empowered each individual who successfully completes the programme will be able to take up all spheres of their social role within his family, community and work environment. Our six month programme is structured to cover a spectrum of topics conducive to the recovery process.


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